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Partnering with HOMii


One of the key differentiators of our business model is the leveraging of technology to lower the cost of service.

How HOMii leverages technology
Why Partner with HOMii

Why Partner with HOMii?

Our trendy, hotel-styled buildings are breathing new life into the cities. As the next generation urban living space, HOMii supports the new social and active community lifestyle. Choice is at the heart of our offering, aimed at inspiring a perfect balance of work and play in our inner cities.

Disrupting Old Rental Models

Join a team that’s successfully disrupting the outdated, admin intensive rental model.

Leveraging Tech for You

Get the incredible management benefits of our HOMii App. Run your property from the palm of your hand.

Partnering with HOMii

Own your slice of the largest growing trend in SA

Through our HOMii-tech you can start and grow your own business - exponentially - as a HOMii partner! All you need is drive and a passion to make a difference in your life and in the life of others. Get in touch with us to submit your application.

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Investing with HOMii

HOMii is the perfect investment opportunity. We pair you with prime locations and state of the art property management through our app.

Investing with HOMii

The HOMii Vision

The Birth of HOMii

HOMii's disruptive urban housing model is aimed at meeting the demand of a burgeoning inner-city housing market in Africa. HOMii is a tech centred, innovative, trendy community lifestyle development which aims to offer awesome, affordable, urban living.

Developing a Community

Paying particular attention to the physical, cultural, and social identities that define a place and support its ongoing evolution is what creates a loyal community. HOMii offers people from a variety of backgrounds the chance to become involved with each other, allowing for communication in the community, who now Live, Work and Play together through technology and social spaces.

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Commercial Rental

Position your business with HOMii

HOMii Commercial Rentals

Looking for a Prime Retail Location?

HOMii has a limited offering of commercial rentals, putting your shop, your hustle, your café in the heart of a city hotspot. Gain high volume foot traffic while embracing the urban culture that HOMii encapsulates. Let us elevate your presence, brand awareness and sales, by partnering with us as we revolutionise the urban living experience in South Africa.

Prime Locations

Benefit from guaranteed foot trade in some of South Africa’s busiest city centres.

Building Security

Because our buildings are also residential you benefit from our building wide security.

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Live the city vibe

Live urban, Live connected. Stay in the heart of the city, feel the pulse of the people, join the HOMii community.

Create your space and choose your stay, all from one app with HOMii.

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