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Share a room with a HOMii. Get a private room and share an apartment with HOMii’s or get your own apartment. The choice is yours. Stay for a day, stay for a month and renew anytime through the app.

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Own the city, your way. With HOMii you can choose the space that suits you best.

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Like the feel of a double story?

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Why not spoil yourself


'Safety first'

Stunningly renovated in the heart of the city. The safety that Homii Brooklyn offers to its guests makes my stay peaceful. I never have to worry about that in a Homii building.

Lerato, K - 3 months ago

'From co-working to co-living, this place has it all.'

I’ve been co-working for a while but wasn’t sure about co-living… HOMii has changed my mind! Co-living is great, it feels like family and I’m saving so much on expenses.

David, J - 3 months ago

'Hip Hop & Happening'

I chose HOMii Sydney because of the various and plentiful facilities like security, wifi, laundry. I like the idea of renting furnished because its so convenient. Events and parties are great and I like meeting new people every day. The common areas are relaxing and I love to spend my spare time there.

Spha - 5 months ago

'Living Like A Queen'

I really recommend HOMii to anyone who’s young and starting out. At HOMii Queens I feel like I’m living like a movie star in my big bachelor flat. Living my dream, meeting friends, making friends. And organising my life through the HOMii app is really easy - great service!

Gloria - 4 months ago

Live the city vibe

Live urban, Live connected. Stay in the heart of the city, feel the pulse of the people, join the HOMii community.

Create your space and choose your stay, all from one app with HOMii.
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