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a HOMii

Live urban. Live connected. Live awesome.

The Concept

What is co-living?

Co-living is a global trend that brings the go-getters, the dreamers and doers together. Share accommodation live your best life in a community of like-minded peeps.

Who is co-living for?

Anyone can co-live! If you’re a social, free and entrepreneurial spirit – co-living is for you.

What is the difference between private living and co-living?

Private living is exactly that, living on your own in a private apartment. Co-living is when you choose to share an apartment with other HOMiis.

What kind of shared spaces are in your buildings?

Each HOMii building has a life of it’s own. We design our shared living spaces to suit the needs of the community.

Here are some of the shared spaces across the country:

  • Café style atrium spaces
  • Chairman’s Lounges
  • Rooftop Gardens
  • Rooftop Games areas
  • Rooftop Braai areas
  • Co-Working Spaces
  • Coffee Shoppes
  • Various communal chill spaces

What type of events do you have?

Seminars and workshops hosted and driven by our in-house entrepreneurs and side hustlers

Movie nights on the rooftop

Sushi-making classes

Wine tastings

HOMii Singles Mixers

Yoga and Pilates

About Your Stay

Do you take a deposit?

No deposit needed! We do charge a non-refundable R350 administration fee but that’s it.

Do you have a lease?

At HOMii you we don’t require any credit check or lease agreement.

We have a month to month agreement, so you are not a tenant, and we are not landlords. You renew your stay monthly via our HOMii App.

Our HOMii’s are our “guests”.

What kind of apartments/rooms are there at HOMii?

Each property has its own style, but these are our usuals:

  • Bachelor Apartment
  • One-bedroom apartment
  • Two-bedroom apartment
  • Co-Living Apartment (Where you can secure a bed or a room)

What do I need to qualify?

Nothing! We use a prepaid model with no leases and no credit checks. We just need your Rands and ID/License!

Can I get my own private apartment?

Absolutely! With HOMii the choice is all yours!

Can I share a private apartment?

Yip, you can share with a HOMii, just don’t go over the maximum peeps allowed.

Can I bring my own furniture?

For sure, make your HOMii your home

I do not have furniture; do you provide furniture? What exactly?

Our fully furnished model has it all:

  • Bed
  • Headboard
  • Fridge
  • Mounted TV
  • Kitchen Appliances (Microwave, toaster, kettle)
  • Light décor

Cost – R1400 for a 1 or 2-person apartment

Thereafter an additional charge of R700 per person – rented per month

*Building dependent

Can I make changes to my apartment type?

You can request a room-migration. Management will just need to give you the thumbs up.

How does your Wi-Fi work?

We have a package that consists of 3 tiers to your usage requirements:

  • The entry level is complimentary and capped. Once this is completed, you’ll have the option to upgrade to a higher package at a nominal fee.
  • The silver level has a higher cap
  • The gold level is uncapped

Can I have a friend visit or stay over?

Yes. You can check your guests in via our HOMii App

*Building dependent

Are the lifestyle spaces cleaned?

Yes! We are big on clean spaces, so the lifestyle areas are cleaned multiple times a day.

Can I get my room / apartment cleaned?

You can indeed. We can add a cleaning package to your room rate.

*Building dependent


What does it cost to move in?

Our options start from as little as R2875 per person per month. We have an administration fee of R350 upon in App registration.

What is the rent inclusive of?

Access to your room/apartment and all the building amenities.

How am I charged for utilities (electricity and water)? Laundry?

Both pay as you go and managed via our HOMii App! You are in total control of your monthly usages.

Can I pay in advance?

Yes, all payments are made monthly in advance

How do I pay my rent every month?

Via our HOMii App

Where can I find the rental amount?

It’s all in the HOMii App.

When is the rent due?

We operate on a month to month pre-paid system that expires by midday on the 1st of the new month. If you wish to renew your stay, it is compulsory that your commitment is processed by then.

What bills do I need to pay?

  • Utilities – which you manage through the HOMii App
  • Parking – if applicable
  • Upgraded Wi-Fi packages

General Information

Are you student-friendly?

Yes, yes and yes!

Are couples and/or kids allowed?

Kids are allowed in certain properties

Are you close to public transportation routes?

Yes, our HOMii buildings are very central.

Are there parking bays available?

Some properties have parking available to guests.

Is it possible to move from one location to another?

Yes, move from city to city!

How does HOMii ensure their properties are safe & secure?

We pride ourselves on leveraging technology (Facial recognition, RFID Cards, HD cameras, etc.) to create the safest space in the city with our 3-point security access control system, coupled with physical officers on site 24/7

Who do I notify about maintenance issues? or the front desk onsite.

Do you have apartments outside the CBD?

Yes, we do, please view the property section on our website or in our HOMii App and join the waiting list.

Are pets allowed?



The height of technology meets trendy living options, meeting the needs of every up and coming HOMii. Connect through a community driven experience, co working facilities and on-trend chill spaces.